one of our training sessions

We address areas such as productivity, leadership, business acumen, people management, teamwork, accountability, effective communication, self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, planning and organising, time management and strategic thinking, to mention a few. With our access to global alliances, we provide learning programs that combine tried and tested, globally recognized methodologies, simple and effective tools, with motivation for behavioural change that drives desired results.


Training Offering

Liberal Consults provides financial training, consulting, computer fundamentals and core IT courses.


Engagement Planning

Our programs are full of examples pertaining to your organisation or job schedules, as the case may be. Before finalizing the program curriculum or setting foot in the classroom, we will spend time with you to review the various work outputs that your organisation produces using Excel and identify ways in which these can be improved upon to better support the achievement of your business goals. This will help us create learning experiences that are real and meaningful to the participants, relevant to their day to day activities and strong alignment with your business goals.

Pre-session Assessment

For our Microsoft Office programs, we offer the option for participants to complete online skills assessments. The results of the online assessment will help us tailor each program to the proficiency level of the participants and also to measure learning impact.

Main Session

Our classroom sessions leverage the following methodologies:

•    Instructor-led discussions to create context and land key points
•    1:1 classroom coaching
•    Group discussions to drive participant engagement
•    Hands on exercise
•    Videos
•    Individual and Group Presentation
•    Demonstrations
•    Questions and Answers
•    Real life scenarios

Post Session Assessment

Participants have the option of completing online post-session assessments eight to twelve weeks after the classroom session of each program. The results will be compared with the pre-session assessment to analyse the learning impact. The outcome of these assessments will be provided in a program report that will be submitted to you

Program Evaluation

Participants will be required to complete a program feedback survey at the end of each classroom session. The results will be provided in the program report that will be made available to you. Additionally, participants will get free access to our systems on post training matter as relating to the program.