IT project management

Most well thought-out IT Projects suffer or fail to deliver either to time, budget or specification. We adopt global best practices in handling IT projects.

We identify key stakeholders and engage them to ensure the success of every project.

one of our training sessions

Liberal Consults training programme is designed with a mission to equip professionals with knowledge and skills required to deliver world class work outputs, build effective relationships and achieve success in their personal and professional pursuits. The mission of our learning and development team is to help facilitate the process by which individuals, team and organisations achieve set business and/or personal objectives.

technology infrastructure management

Infrastructure is the physical system comprising of Software, Servers, Storage and Networks on which the whole of Technology Strategy rides to meet business expectations.

This can be deployed for various reasons such as competitive advantage, operations optimization etc.

IT strategy

Strategy is the means by which objectives are consciously and systematically pursued and obtained over time.

This is very essential in order to ensure that IT investments regularly meet their underlying business objectives.

information security

As much as technology is creating new frontiers and opportunities for businesses, the attendant risks are ever present.

Moreover, there are new regulatory requirements placing demands on businesses to protect their information Assets.